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Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants (Best Jobs That Pay High)

If you are planning to settle in Canada, the best thing to do is to look for a paying job that will be able to cater to your needs. It mustn’t be that high paying but something that you can rely on in paying your bills, such as rent, electricity, rent, and so on.


Today, Canada is one of the top leading job providers in the world. Once you’re able to acquire a relevant skill, there is a certainty that you will be able to find a good Job.


In this article, I will be listing out some of the Canadian government jobs you are open to as an immigrant


Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants – Best Jobs That Pay High


To find government jobs in Canada, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or probably a Master’s degree respectively. Some of the Jobs you are open to as a migrant in Canada are as follows:


  • Lecturer

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular government jobs available in Canada. The high number of universities and polytechnics indicates that there are spaces for migrants in the lecturing profession.


This varies based on the subject discipline. Before applying for a lecturing job in Canada, it is important to have exceptional academic records, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


The process of becoming a Lecturer in Canada starts before applying for your travel visa. Most candidates who are accepted using this means are given work permits directly by the employer.


  • Nurse

If you are a practicing Nurse, then it will be a fantastic idea to migrate to Canada as a nurse. Today, the number of hospitals, clinical centers,  and public health centers shows more work for nurses. As a result of this, there are more chances of getting Canadian government jobs easily as migrant nurses.

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The application can start right when you are in your country of residence, once accepted, the employing body will be responsible for providing your travel Visa.


  • Accountant

Being an accountant in Canada, you are open to being paid a high amount. Among the available professions available in Canada, an accountant happens to be among the highest paying jobs.


Today, every business or government institution keeps a record of their day-to-day business transactions, the accountant will be responsible for keeping and auditing all expenditures carried in the organization. Therefore, if you are an accountant, then you can consider this job opportunity.


  • Software Engineering

This is another paying job available for migrants in Canada. Software engineering is not only open to government openings but also, as a software engineer, you can as well benefit from private organizations.


The main role of a software engineer is to plan, develop, organize and maintain seamless software products that are geared toward the goals of the organization. 90% of companies today need to apply software engineering to their day-to-day Activities, this helps minimize the occurrences of human errors.


If you are a software engineer, you can consider this job opportunity in Canada as a migrant.


  • Medical Doctor

This is not just a popular job opportunity available for migrants, it is also listed among the highest-paying jobs available in Canada today. 


Most migrants who are medical doctors often use this job as a means to get a Canadian government job.


  • Public Relation Officer

Public relation is no doubt needed in most businesses relating to society, in terms of meeting community needs. An example of this is the Public Library. The public library needs to maintain a close relationship with the community members.

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Not everyone certainly possesses this skill, in that case, if you have good public relations skills, it is important to consider utilizing it as a way to get a Canadian government job as a migrant.


  • Administrative Assistant

Most organizations today, in one way or the other, need an administrative assistant that will help in carrying out certain tasks related to administration, such as bookkeeping and record keeping, and so on.


  • Librarians

The job of a librarian is widely accepted in Canada. Library jobs are everywhere, such as in school settings, hospitals, law, and so on. Having some digital skills as a librarian makes you exceptional among other applicants.


Therefore, if you are a librarian, you may wish to consider applying for librarian jobs in Canada.


So the aforementioned are some of the government Jobs you can find in Canada, choosing one depends on your academic background or probably your skillset. 


You won’t be accepted if you do not have any prior professional experience, in that case, it is important to ensure you have quality experience about your dream Canada job before applying.


Can Immigrants Get Government Jobs in Canada?


It is entirely possible to get a government job in Canada, it all requires knowing the specific job you intend to consider.


Is It Hard to Get Government Jobs in Canada?


Getting government jobs in Canada is based on merit, you will have to pass through a series of interviews and exams. Once you pass all the requirements, there is a tendency that you will be accepted.

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There are pools of government jobs available for migrants in Canada, it all depends on your areas of specialization backed up with your education records and professional experience derived.


In this article, I have been able to mention some Canadian government jobs you can get as a migrant. If you couldn’t find yours among the aforementioned listing, that doesn’t mean there are no job openings for your specialization, rather you can check for job openings in Canada related to your specialization.

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