Top 10 Mba Scholarships in Canada 2022

Over the years, thousands of students have successfully made their way to Canada to pursue their dream courses because it is considered one of the few countries in the world that accepts a pool of applications.

The Master of Business Administration is not exclusive; therefore, if you want to pursue your MBA program in Canada, you should read this article.


Are you looking for an MBA scholarship in Canada? or looking for the best institutions that offer MBA scholarships? People who want to study in Canada frequently face the constraints of having less reliable information to choose from and are likely confused as a result of too much information available on the internet for just one topic.


In this article, I’ll list ten MBA scholarships available in Canada.


10 MBA Scholarships in Canada


  1. Alberta MBA Scholarship

The University of Alberta is currently one of the top institutions providing MBA scholarships to students from around the world and Canadian citizens. 

It is quite a popular and renowned institution. Applicants accepted into the institution for an MBA program can receive up to $15,000.




The UAlberta scholarship is available for all international students who wish to undergo their MBA program in Canada, however, it is required that you must have undergone a Bachelor’s program in a related discipline to be eligible for the program. English proficiency is also a must for the UAlberta MBA scholarship.



  • Ted Rogers School of Management Scholarship

The Ted Rogers school of management is listed to be among the top 25 MBA programs available globally. Luckily, the Ted Rogers School of Management also offers scholarships for students who have interested to carry out their MBA program in Canada.

It is located in Toronto and is considered among the most prestigious schools in Canada. The main aim of this scholarship is to provide funds that will assist students in paying for their MBA programs. Beneficiaries of the Ted Rogers School of Management scholarships can get both awards and scholarships.

Once accepted, students will receive the sum of $20, 000.



The Ted Rogers School of Management also has its requirements; therefore, as an applicant, it is important to check yourself to see if you truly meet the eligibility criteria. Some of the criteria are: You must have a proven record of academic intelligence. Well, it is obvious that the Ted Roger School of Management prioritizes academic performance; therefore, you must have an extremely outstanding performance to apply for the Ted Rogers scholarship. The scholarship is also available to international students.

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  • Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance

If you are looking to study an MBA program in Canada, then the Haskayne School of Business should be an option. This institution is one of the leading providers of MBA scholarships in the world, allowing international students to benefit as well.


The Haskayne School of Business is known to partner with the University of Calgary and also provide other awards and scholarships for students after they have been received, some of them are as follows, Haskayne Student Experiences Fund, SU Travel, Conference Funding, and so on. Successful applicants will receive between CA$3, 000 and CA$17, 000.



Some of the criteria to enter the Haskayne School of Business are:

  1. A GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, from an accredited institution;
  2. At least two years of professional work experience after graduation
  3. English proficiency for most international students.


  • Schulich School of Business Scholarships

Another popular MBA scholarship for international students is the Schulich School of Business. As an international student, you are entitled to benefit from both scholarships and awards. Before considering applying for an MBA scholarship, you must have demonstrated exceptional academic performance.


There are several scholarships and awards in the Schulich School of Business, each with its value range and specialization. The Schulich School of Business scholarship recipients will receive between CA$25,000 and CA$40,000.



To be considered for the Schulich MBA scholarship, you must perform above and beyond expectations and provide documentation of your English language proficiency.


  1. Rotman School of Management Scholarships.

The Rotman School of Management is located in Toronto and is a part of the University of Toronto. The Rotman School of Management allows interested candidates to benefit from their awards and scholarships.

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It is a place where renowned organizations send international students to study. As a result, the Rotman School of Management is an excellent choice when looking for an MBA scholarship.

As an international student, you are entitled to receive up to CA$10,000. There are also other opportunities available for international students.



To benefit from the Rotman scholarship, applicants must have enrolled in the Rotman MBA program; selection is based on merit and outstanding academic performance.


  • Ontario graduate scholarship program

This is one of the most competitive scholarship programs available. Students who wish to pursue a master’s degree often consider the Ontario graduate scholarship.



Applicants must possess outstanding academic performance and have enrolled in any of the universities in Ontario. 


  • Ivey MBA Scholarships.

Ivey also offers several awards and scholarship programs for interested candidates. If you are looking for good scholarships to consider in Canada, then the Ivey MBA scholarship is worth trying. Successful applicants are awarded up to $10,000.



To be eligible for the Ivey MBA scholarship, several factors are looked at, such as academic performance, professional experience, English proficiency, and so on.



  • Smith School of Business

The Smith School of Business is a part of Queen’s University. It is also among the popular institutions currently offering MBA scholarships for interested students. It accepts both national and international students for their scholarships. It offers both financial aid and scholarships for students internationally.



  • Sauda School of Business Scholarship

Sauda School of Business Scholarships is listed as one of the top leading MBA scholarship boards for international students. If you are seeking to pursue an MBA program in Canada, then it is worth considering the Sauda Business School scholarship.

It also tends to house several other scholarship benefits for international students, such as the Asia Top Talent Scholarship, the Women in Business School Scholarship, and so on. Successful applicants will receive about $10,000 and $40,000 in compensation.



  1. Provide proof of professional Experience in business
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Exceptional Leadership skills.



10. Desautels Faculty of Management.

This is one of the top-ranked management schools in Canada. If you’re seeking to pursue your MBA program in Canada, then you can consider the Desautels Faculty of Management. It is important to note that the Desautels Faculty of Management is not a standalone institution but rather a part of McGill University.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get a full scholarship in Canada for MBA?


  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the intended university

It is important to have identified your choice of university, before applying. Once that has been done, visit the official website of such a university to be acquainted with the process involved.


  • Step 2: Understand the eligibility criteria for the university scholarship.

Most people do not take this seriously, so, make sure you understand the eligibility criteria before applying for an MBA scholarship in Canada. A lack of knowledge about the criteria can lead to your application being ruled out.

  • Step 3: Gather the necessary documents.

Start gathering all the documents needed, such as transcripts, recommendations, etc. Indeed, if you followed Step 1, you should be aware of the documents required for the application.


  • Step 4: Take the required tests

If any tests are to be taken, such as the IELT and the like, make sure to take all the tests required for the application.


  • Step 5: Register and apply for the scholarship online.

Navigate to the registration portal and complete the registration. Make sure all documents are in digital copy since you will need to upload some documents.


  • Step 6: Await the university’s response.

This may take several weeks, but you will be notified whether your application was approved or denied.




A lot of students want to study abroad in developed nations like Canada, New York, and other places because an MBA program is a very competitive career path to pursue.

However, one of the most well-liked locations for MBA programs in Canada. Most people have always had trouble with this, probably because they lack knowledge.

In this article, I have been able to identify 10 MBA scholarships in Canada and their requirements and grants.

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